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Inquiring minds want to know, right?

Cannonball Collective is dedicated to the “Do-ers” of the world—folks who try, experience, and do. You know who you are. You like to do stuff—for the knowledge, for the experience, for the fun. You like to participate in life by going places, meeting and connecting with people, seeing stuff, discovering and trying new things, and learning, always learning.

Every day, we work to make Cannonball Collective your ongoing resource to discover, learn, shop, and share, all so you can “DO.” We curate amazing stories and shine a light on remarkable brands we love and respect. We bring all this to life through the awesome goods in our Shop, and with our super-fun Cannonball Kits—our own curated “experience in a box” items. Each Kit contains the products and inspiration you need to try a new experience for yourself and have some fun along the way.

Our mission is to flood the world with fun and rewarding experiences. Why the flood? Because we believe that having a little bit of fun every day is important and a good way to live. So, if you’re into sparking your own ideas by tapping into amazing people, brands, products, and experiences, then please join us…we’re definitely your crowd.

Cannonball Collective. Live Curious.

We're in the News!

Read more about us in this awesome coverage by our local paper, the Santa Barbara News-Press. Yippee!!

How Did Cannonball Collective Come To Be?

Every once in awhile, you find yourself asking THOSE questions. You know the ones…what do I want to do with my life, how do I want to spend my days, how can I pursue more of my passion, what will inspire me to jump out of bed every morning, how can I have more fun? Many of us ask ourselves these questions year after same ol’ year. Well, in 2014 we found ourselves there yet again, with those same darn questions!

This time though, instead of parking those thoughts, we decided we should just go for it. As Richard Branson likes to say, “Screw it, let’s do it!” So we pulled the ripcord and set off on our incredible journey. Although perhaps in a slightly less cavalier fashion than our friend Sir Richard!

We believe there is a strong desire for good, solid, interesting, inspiring, and entertaining storytelling, particularly delivered digitally. We also believe that while it’s fun to discover and learn through reading about stuff, actually doing the stuff takes you that extra mile. So beyond producing awesome content, we want people to try things for themselves and it’s our goal to make it easy for them to do so. Every product we carry is thoughtfully curated to promote or enhance the act of “doing.”

And so we created Cannonball Collective, our platform that shines a light on remarkable stories and inspiring people and brands, and that provides the tools for people to experience fun, new things. We believe by connecting both, we not only bridge the gap between digital and analog, but we also bring the whole thing full circle in a lovely, kick-ass and fun way.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Have questions? Want to know more? Send us an email and someone from our crack team will respond. Thanks!


Who’s Behind Cannonball Collective?

Jonas Brickus

1051_1069726302298_1292_nJonas Brickus is a designer, connector, creator, and entrepreneur. He has an insatiable desire to flood the world with rich, fun, and fulfilling experiences, to inspire learning through discovery and doing. Jonas believes that by embracing curiosity, courage, and an open mind, people can see the world in amazing new ways.

Jonas has spent his career helping hundreds of brands innovate meaningful offerings, learn how to stoke their brand bonfires, transition from myth-making to authenticity, and practice what they preach. He has built and led innovation studios for global consultancies such as IDEO, and worked closely with global brands BMW, NIKE, SAMSUNG, and many others.

Some important things to know about Jonas: He is usually reading 5 different books at a time. While cooking, you can often catch him singing to the family dog, Lola. He has a real thing for pulp novel cover art: “everything about it is simply awesome.” He has vowed to only ever wear a tie for weddings or funerals. He intentionally leaves maps at home, especially when he doesn’t know where he’s headed. Someone once referred to him as “childish,” which to this day he considers his greatest compliment.

Sarah Cook

DSC_0067_3Sarah absolutely loves shaping brands and building communities! She started her “grownup life” in publishing before earning her MBA. Since then, her career has encompassed creating and driving brand and marketing strategies, conceiving of new products and services, and shaping community-building marketing engagements. Sarah is also super-organized, which makes her insanely qualified to lead the marketing, editorial, and operations efforts of Cannonball Collective!

Sarah asks a lot of questions and likes to get answers…a good thing when you’re dealing with brand architecture and positioning, naming, messaging, consumer research, campaign development and execution, and visual identity work. Even more importantly, she’s been able to tie all this together in a way that makes sense for consumers (you know, those very important people who buy the brands)!

Other things to know about Sarah: she plays bass guitar. Well, kinda, really badly. But she does own a shiny red bass and amp! Her favorite place to run is on the beach, she loves having dance parties with her kids, she is an avid reader of mystery novels, and she wishes she were a superhero.

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