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You never seem to have a bottle opener when you need one. Or rather, you have one but it’s somewhere in the kitchen junk drawer and was a cheap freebie from some event or other. But now you can have the best bottle opener ever (!!) to display openly and use with pride! Made of solid brass, this thing feels like you’re holding a roll of quarters!

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This heavy duty (and we mean heavy) piece of stylish perfection is literally the best bottle opener ever. Made of solid brass here in the USA, this here is the YOU EARNED IT bottle opener, which is sand casted then tumbled to a nice polish, then hand finished. Each weighs in at a hefty half pound of brass.

Did we mention that besides looking good, it actually works really well?

Oh, and the YOU EARNED IT bottle opener comes in its own little kraft gift box. Perfect! (hint, hint.)

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Weight.5 lbs


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