Turkish Blanket, Nomadic Thread Society



These amazing beauties are actually hand-woven in Turkey from the finest cotton and bamboo fibers. Sourced by Nicole Gulotta at Nomadic Thread Society, the sublime texture and rich hand-feel of these blankets keeps you cool and dry. Whether you’re toasting your buns on the beach, enjoying a picnic in the park, or hanging in your backyard hammock, this blanket is a must-have! Did we mention that this luxurious blanket is in fact built for two? Why, all the better to snuggle with you, my dear!

About Nomadic Thread Society: 
Nomadic Thread Society is a dedicated purveyor of exotic accents for beach, lifestyle and home. Motivated by chronic wanderlust, Nicole sources traditional textiles and indigenous finery from artisans and small producers around the world, curating and designing her collections with partners in India, Turkey, Kenya, Tunisia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Colombia and more. The stories woven into each piece stretch back centuries, while an eye for design and attention to sustainability ensure use for years to come. READ MORE…



Inspired by stylist Nicole Gulotta’s global travels, Nomadic Thread Society sources traditional and exotic textiles with fair trade and ethical manufacturing in mind, often in support of the art of handloom weaving.

  • Oversized at a whopping 59″ x 79″ (that means two people can lay on it at the same time!)
  • 80% cotton, 20% bamboo


Additional information

Beach Blanket Color

Lilac, Lime, Turquoise

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