Torn & Frayed

With the Torn & Frayed Kit, you can bring out your inner creative, make your own personal (style) mark, and have some fun while you’re at it! Oh, and don’t forget about that fave pair of jeans you just reinvented.




THE IDEA: We have some awesome clothes in our closet that we just can’t wear. Not because they don’t fit (!!) but because they have holes or worn areas that are surely going to split at the next most inopportune time. We don’t want to throw these clothes away—they mean something to us! The obvious solution is to just fix them somehow, but taking a pair of jeans to the tailor is lame and stale! Surely there’s a way to do it ourselves and make our own personal style mark in the process?

MEET OUR INSPIRATION: Luke Deverell runs Darn and Dusted, a bespoke mending company out of East London. Both Luke’s work and the tools he uses inspired the creation of the Torn & Frayed Kit. Read our interview with Luke.

THE EXPERIENCE: Faced with a dearth of supplies and HUGELY inspired by the work of Luke Deverell of Darn and Dusted, we set about curating a Kit that has everything you need to bring your super outfits out of temporary storage and back into mainstream use. We sourced high quality hard goods from Merchant & Mills, amazing threads and fabrics from Japan, and created a ‘Zine full of inspiration, ideas and tips. Torn & Frayed sets you up to pursue this with ease, aplomb, and yes, even talent!

Torn & Frayed

Inside the Torn & Frayed Kit:

Glorious British Hardware

Wide Bow Scissors: 4 inches of tough, sharp, cool, black steel
Long Darners: 10 needles in a wooden case
Dressmaking Pins: top-notch nickel-plated pins
Tailor’s Thimble: this gem protects your finger

Sublime Japanese Goods

Japanese Textiles: an array of high quality Japanese fabric swatches to get you started
MOCO Thread: six strong strands of gorgeous thread in three cool colors
Marukawa Fuken Gum: well, why not?

California Sunshine

Our Collector’s Edition ‘Zine: 28 pages of articles and images about the kit, the inspiration behind it, handy tips and tools, and some ideas on how to go about things. We even include a cocktail recipe to help get things off the ground!

Purveyor Profile:

Merchant & Mills

Based in East Sussex, England, Merchant & Mills was founded by Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field in 2010—not so long ago yet everything they do is freakin’ amazing and the old-school quality is as if they’ve been around for ages! Their mission is to “elevate sewing to its proper place in the creative world, respecting the craftsmanship it entails.” Darn tootin’! And with respect to their mission, you name it, they carry it, from needles to buttons to tailor’s chalk to bodkins and threaders, and more! Oh so addictive and wondrous. Now, what did I do with my bulb pins?


Kelly Stevens, “Textile Guru,” is our new BFF. We stumbled upon her store Superbuzzy a wee bit down the road in Ventura, CA and our eyes just about popped out of our heads from the amazing array of super-fine Japanese fabrics she has throughout her store. Woven and printed in Osaka, the heart of the Japanese textile market, the fabrics Kelly collects and displays are rich and colorful and interesting and bright and subdued and happy and serious and funny and cute. She goes on regular pilgrimages to the heart of the Textile Market in Osaka and hand-selects everything she carries. Wow!

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