Create Your Own Slurpy Treats! 


With our Wonderland Kit you can explore delicious flavor combinations, create awesome frozen treats, and most of all, have a whole bunch of fun!




THE IDEA: Everyone loves frozen treats, from ice pops to slushies to shave ice to milkshakes and more. Not only do they taste delicious and are oh-so-refreshing, they bring back memories of childhood summers, days filled with warmth, wonderment, and possibility. We remember catching fireflies, days at the beach, going on “expeditions” with our friends, chasing the ice cream truck, and laughing with our families during game nights on the porch. We wanted to recapture this summer wonderland magic and turn it into something we can do and share with folks today.

MEET OUR INSPIRATION: People’s Pops from Brooklyn, NY really knock it out of the park with their frozen concoctions and inspired flavor combinations. They’ll explore anything, as long as the ingredients are natural and fresh! Read more about them.

THE EXPERIENCE: It all comes back to the frozen treat. The Wonderland Kit is about flavor exploration of the frozen kind. People’s Pops provided great tips, suggestions, and how-to’s. They have no fear when it comes to trying new flavors and flavor combinations, using things like the seasons, travel experiences, cocktails, and fave food memories for inspiration. Speaking of cocktails, now that we’re old enough (!!), we also put a boozy little twist on the whole thing. This Kit has everything you need to embark on your own frozen flavor adventure.

People's Pops

Inside the Wonderland Kit:

Popsicle-Making Tools

Ice Pop Maker: we don’t screw around. This easey-to-use, Grade A mold makes quality pops.
Popsicle Sticks: well, you kinda need these!
Storage Bag: handy-dandy, everything in one place.
Scout Notebook w/Stylus: jot down your ideas and keep track of what works (or not!).

Royal Rose Organic Syrups

These all natural, small batch simple syrups are awesomely tasty! Use them to enhance your ice pops, or to supercharge cocktails, desserts, and more. Three flavors are included in the Kit:

California Sunshine

Our Collector’s Edition Zine: this sucker is jam-packed with 28 pages of articles and images about the kit, the inspiration behind it, handy tips and tools, and some ideas on how to go about things. We even include a cocktail recipe to help you “warm” up for your “cool” experience!

Purveyor Profile:

Introducing Royal Rose Syrups, founded by Forrest and Emily, a husband and wife team who are passionate about flavor experiences. Royal Rose was created out of a set of life circumstances (the old saying “making lemonade out of lemons” comes to mind!), combined with a little luck and a lot of good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. They spend their days handcrafting extraordinary all-natural, organic, flavored syrups that can be used for anything from cocktails to sodas, even in desserts! We’ve tried them all and boy, are they delicious! Read more…

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